Class Schedule


MFA756: Linked Short Stories or the Novel-in-stories Workshop (Oct 16)

L300 A Lesson Before Dying (Ernest Gaines) (Oct 17)

N142 Journal-Keeping (Oct 18)

B101 WVU Orientation (Oct 18)

B103 Grammar (Oct 18)

MFA165 Flash Fiction - Getting the Lead Out (Oct 19)

MFA04 The Classically Modern Essay (Oct 19)

B101 WVU Orientation (Oct 25)

F162 Character Driven Plots - The Big 5 (Oct 25)

MFA254 Protagonist Inner Issues (Oct 26)

MFA 231 Art & Artifice (Oct 26)

L306 Swann's Way - Proust (Oct 31)


B304 Adjectives and Adverbs - The Pros and Cons (Nov 01)

B101 WVU Orientation (Nov 01)

MFA05 The Contemplative Essay (Nov 02)

MFA166 Flash Fiction - Prose Poetry (Nov 02)

B101 WVU Orientation (Nov 08)

MFA255 Story Is in the Specifics (Nov 09)

MFA232 Backstory (Nov 09)

L311 W. W. Jacobs Short Stories (1 Week) (Nov 14)

B101 WVU Orientation (Nov 15)

B303 Point of View (Nov 15)

MFA167 Flash Fiction - Put Yourself in Danger (Nov 16)

L307 Mrs. Dalloway (Virginia Woolf) (Nov 21)

B154 Finding Your Voice (Nov 22)

B101 WVU Orientation (Nov 22)

MFA256 Conflict and Change (Nov 23)

L402 C. S. Lewis on Literature (Nov 28)

B101 WVU Orientation (Nov 29)

MFA168 Flash Fiction - Flash in a Pan (Nov 30)