At the heart of WVU is an active, supportive writing community representing all levels of writing skills and interest. Our members represent over 100 countries from across the globe; the majority have been with us 5 to 15 years. Most join for the courses, but stay for the groups.

WVU Site Guides are available to help members get started. Our site guides are knowledgeable WVU Volunteers who love helping other writers.

Within WVU are many writing groups and workshops. Each has its own specialty, personality and writing goals. New members will always find a home in our community. WVU currently has 30 active writing groups for beginning to advanced writers.

Over 200 writing courses and workshops are included at no extra charge to members. New courses start weekly. Classes may be taken at scheduled times with fellow members, or as self-study courses anytime.

Unique Courses: WVU has the largest selection of online writing courses. While many of our classes cover traditional elements of the writing craft, we also teach advanced concepts not found in other schools, giving our members the edge needed to excel in their craft. Many of our members have become published authors since joining WVU.

Our interactive classrooms are easy to use, intuitive and require no special software. Quick help is always available if needed. 

Included is an extensive array of communication tools for members, including forums, private messaging, inter-community mailbox, chat rooms, and personal profile pages where members may share their successes, photos and videos.

Quick, friendly support is readily available whenever needed. Help requests are often responded to within minutes by WVU volunteers. Our FAQs, Knowledge Base and Support Forum cover most questions, so answers are always easy to find. 

Currently, we're introducing a new line of advanced courses inspired by traditional university MFA programs, but without the expensive tuition. Our MFA courses are included with memberships. The course are 2-18 weeks long, are flexible, and fit busy schedules. New courses are added and updated regularly to meet the demands of changing interests and markets. 

Join WVU TodayAnnual Memberships are $99 for the first year & $69 to renew.

What Our Members Say

I love writing. It fills up my day and doing it through WVU is a kick. Not only do you get help, but you can socialize as well. I now have friends that stretch from the California Coast to the Greek Isle, and I did it without leaving my chair in front of the computer.

David Hayes

I joined Writers Village in its infancy during the last century, "it takes a Village to teach" is an accurate assessment, although I wrote poetry before I joined the Village, the peer editing and interaction creating introspection honed my skills as a poet as well as introducing me to other genres of writing. I am now active in the State and National Poetry scene participating with confidence. I have published two collections of poetry and have many more waiting to be compiled. I thank Writers' Village and the lasting education I received there as I return to once again participate in their programs continuing an adventure in writing that does not seem to have an end before the grave. 

Tom Spencer
Lowell, Indiana 

I always knew I wanted to be a writer. I dabbled with poetry, memoirs, a fan fiction novel, and such things. But I was never consistent. The desire to write was a smoldering unfulfilled dream that I would grab hold of someday. When I reached my 50th birthday, I asked myself what I was waiting for. I knew I needed to hone my writing skills and started searching for something that could fit my busy life. I found it in Writer's Village University. I gave myself a membership to WVU as a birthday present. That decision launched my writing career. Today I make my living as a freelance writer, am the author of two novels (Windwalker and Beyond the Fifth Gate) and a book for writers who want to grow their creativity (Pumping Your Muse). I've been published in several inspiration markets, The Writer Magazine, You and Me Medical Journal…and it all started with the desire to write and the fine tuning provided by Writer's Village University. People are friendly and generous with sharing their knowledge and expertise. Beginners are welcomed and encouraged to grow. I can't recommend it enough. If you're looking for me in these hallowed halls, here at WVU I go by the name of Birdie.

-- Donna Sundblad

"Writer's Village University is a magically place for me.    I have grown so much as a writer since joining WVU in 9/08.  I actually got a story published in three weeks of joining WVU.   I would never have submitted that story to a website I enjoy, if I did not have the confidence WVU has given me.  Ever since joining, I write or read something to help me one day be published in book form.  Everyday I visit WVU because I love it that much.  I truly feel like I am home.   I am a mother of 3, wife, and work full-time in a law firm.  I make time for my writing now.  I have realized writing is my passion.  WVU has opened my eyes to my passion and to what I must do to obtain my writing goal.  WVU is my road to my goal.  
If you are serious about writing, to learn, to meet new exciting, sweet people in the best atmosphere possible, you need not look any further.   WVU is a writer's best friend, and then some!"

Kim Pletscher

"I joined on the three month trial membership and am so well satisfied that I know I will join for a year once the trial is up. The cost of the trial membership is $34.99. I wouldn't take my money back if I had to give back the information I have already received, in just three days.

I have taken several other courses, some free, some costing nearly $600. For the price of membership, WVU offers far more depth than any of the courses I took before. I get to take hundreds of courses at no additional cost, as long as my membership is paid.

Carl King

"I made the financial leap of lifetime membership back in 2001 when I barely had 2 dimes to rub together, let alone validate my writing with an investment like that. I, too, have been satisfied beyond words (funny for a writer, eh??, though I will try to express my support of WVU...)

As we all know, life sometimes gets in the way, and unless you are an established writer, making millions with best seller fiction, our lives don't always leave the room for our writing. I had no idea all those years ago that I would be saved, repeatedly, by the knowledge that the community of WVU still existed and would welcome me back with open arms if I had to leave for a spell. I have had to do that many times. There have been literally years between logins, sadly. But the knowledge that it was here was always in the back of my mind and helped keep my writing on the stove of my life, back burner, yes, but there none the less. 

I am in college now, for an English & Writing degree, and I'm in F2K again. I can honestly say that I get more out of these classes-here at WVU- and the support here- than I have gotten in my private university education costing me nearly $20k a year to attend. "



"Writers Village is an awesome site for any writer. Whether you're a novice or published writer  there are classes and groups to fit your needs.

Not only does WVU provide you with great knowledge but it is the most awesome support group for any writer. You receive positive, helpful feedback and critiques on your writing  by writers from all regions of the country.

It's like being part of a family of writers who really care about each other."

Debbie Seko

"I find that WVU is my home within my home. The camaraderie that inter-weaves among the mentors and students is the exceptional aspect that WVU has that other sites don't have. Everyone is helpful from the top of the line to the beginners entering. It is just a great place to grow as a writer. 
"WVU, my home within my home!""


"I joined WVU after my first foray through F2K - the Free Fiction writing course. It's been my writing home ever since, helping me improve my writing skills tremendously.

"Writers helping writers," as the WVU motto goes. And that's what WVU is all about. Why would I ever leave?"

Jeff Keenan

"I really like the format. It's easy to use and give and receive feedback. Also, the classes are all thought provoking and I've learned a lot here."

Shirley Watson

"The staff is awesome. Each member has convinced me they genuinely want each of us to succeed in this insane adventure we have embarked on. "

Ralph Grimaldi

"I've learned so much about the writing process since entering WVU in early 2000 I believe it was.  If you want interaction about your writing and sharing the process of creativity you can't go wrong."

Joan Baratta

"Bob (Hembree, our fearless leader) is really hands on.  Everyone is quick to answer your questions.  A great group of people."


"I am an Assistant Public Affairs Officer for the Navy and freelance journalist on the island of Kauai. My desk job keeps me on the computer most of the day and I found WVU by surfing. This program is really remarkable. The help desks provide all the info one needs to get started as well as trouble shooting and recommendations to make site navigation easier. Additionally, the courses offered are outstanding. I was formerly a newspaper reporter and I have always wanted to write novels. The WVU program is giving me the background I need in order to accomplish this. In fact, since I signed up back in June, WVU inspired me to finish my non-fiction book about hurricanes and Kauai, which is going to the printers at the end of this month.

I highly recommend WVU to anyone who is serious about writing. Even though I don't often have time to post assignments or go to chat rooms, I still do the work on my own and find it extremely valuable. "

Most Sincerely, 
Sheila Arthur

"I've been a member now for a short while, and have taken two courses already.  I've learned so much and continue to grow as a writer.  The support here is unbelievable.  I've taken courses from other on-line universities that were way more expensive, and ended up disappointed.  The instructors were so distant, you would have to schedule an appointment if you wanted feedback.....terrible.

But this university is so much different, and I am just over joyed!  I've finally found my hang out with others fellow writers, who are just like me, and others, more experienced that are always quick to help. Thank you so much,  I love this university!! "


"I joined WVU on May 20th, 2001 and I'm quite impressed with the facilitators, as well as the prompt replies from the volunteers at the help desk. Your site offers a wide range of writing courses designed to meet the needs of many writers. The courses I've taken so far, are extremely helpful. 

I appreciate the upgrades that have been done during the first week in July. Especially the convenience of printing out our lessons without all the advertisements. I would recommend WVU to anyone.

I have a habit these days in my non-facilitated classes to welcome new members and direct them to the help desk if they need any info. I feel like I'm a cheerleader for WVU.  LOL
I'm hoping one day, I can qualify as a facilitator of a course.

Keep up the good work!"

Maria Stoker

"I'm new to WVU and I just wanted to say that everyone has been so wonderful.  I have never belonged to a group of people who have worked so hard and enjoyed each other's company.  I'm what you may call an intermediate writer.  And it is great to be able to say it is fun to write again.
And all because of WVU."

"I joined in January. In these past four months I have taken five excellent courses, met dozens of people whose feedback and friendship I have found inspiring, and at long last realize I will finish that novel that has been lurking in the background all these years. Personally I don't need another sweatshirt, but the 2 1/2 year payback on the lifetime versus annual memberships was a swift decision for me. I took the offer.

Of course it's up to every individual participant to make the most of what's put before us. But I've found an enormous choice here. In addition to the people and the courses, I like the hours. Face-to-face critique groups often have trouble finding a time when everybody can physically meet. With WVU I drop in for five minutes from the office, sign on at night from home, or go away for a vacation without feeling I'm letting down the others in my feedback room. This kind of flexibility is tough to beat. "


"I've been with WVU for almost a year now. I have gone from someone with ancient writing skills to a person who can actually produce some pretty good stuff (based on feedback I'm receiving, here and elsewhere).

In the beginning, I needed the morale boost, which still feels good by the way, and have worked my way through ten classes since. There isn't a better deal for a writer’s education than Writers Village. Believe me, I've looked!

I attribute every bit of my progress to WVU "


"I'm a published writer in the non-fiction genre (mostly educational) here in Australia but I do not YET have anything published in the fiction genre. So I felt that participating as a mentor was probably the best service I could provide for other budding writers and have been 'hooked' on the F2K mentoring ever since.

I have learned so much from my time as a mentor (as well as a student in F2K myself) that I would happily recommend it to anyone who is seeking:

* well structured
* well supported
* well organised and
* valid, fair, reliable and consistent lessons in writing.

My next course will be the 400 series in fiction writing, starting in June. At the same time I'm studying two professional development courses in teaching and learning online and thoroughly 'pumped' about those. Maybe I'm just your 'professional student' - loves learning for the sake of learning. But I tell you my experiences with WVU have been great. "


"Well, I signed up for the lifetime membership, and I'm probably older than 95% of the members so my lifetime isn't going to be nearly as long as yours, and I still think it's worth the money if you have it.

I've been around WVU for almost two years now. I've sampled a lot of classes, finished quite a few, and have written 50 short stories in the past two years. I've placed in several fiction contests, and had one story printed in a national magazine (unpaid; it was a Honorable Mention in a contest). I might sell more if I could get up the energy to submit them someplace. Nonetheless, there is no way I'd have done what I've done without WVU.

The stories I've written are GOOD stories, too, even if I could be accused of bragging shamelessly. I've been writing all my life, since age 6, and I've still got a lot to learn. But I've blasted right through the learning curve the past two years. The association with so many other wonderful writers, who are mostly bending over backwards to share their knowledge with me, is something I don't think you can't find anywhere else.

And more important, the HONEST feedback helps more than anyone can realize while they are still mopping up the blood from it. There are darned few places where people will honestly tell you what they think of your story. My friends and family always tells me my stories are wonderful (even if they haven't read them yet.) I belong to a local writers' group, too, who never point out one nitpick but just say, "Oh, that's wonderful, Betty. You're sure a good writer." Bullwhacky! You don't learn how to improve your writing that way.

In the past two years, I have also taken a couple of classes at other websites. Paid as much for one class as I have for a whole year's membership here. The teacher critique of my writing that I was supposed to get never happened, and the teacher even sent my lessons to someone else in her address book named Betty, and I never did get all six of the lessons.

I have times when I can't be so active because I have a couple of chronic illnesses that flare up and fog up my brain every once in awhile, but given inflation and the fact that I live on a fixed retirement income, I'm glad to pay up front so that ten years from now when I can no longer afford WVU, I won't have to.

Good luck to everyone."

Betty Kreier Lubinski

"I have been with WVU for about a year and Lifetime Membership to me, is a super deal. It's like finding a soul mate :o) "GO FOR IT - SEIZE THE MOMENT!"

Happy writing!"


"Non threatening, friendly, great "we're all in this together doing something we like" feeling. Good links, communication, assignments offer many readings topics that we can follow up on if we wish. Love it, love it!"

"The free writing classes have been invaluable. This place has everything a writer needs."

"I like the fact that you are willing to help out writers. As a new writer, I have found this site friendly and everyone most helpful. I think that this site is a god send and think that all those who make it work should be applauded. I have told a lot of my friends about this site and how easy it is to use. Thanks to all!"

"It contained more actual information than the other sites. Everything was well written."

"It is very friendly and supportive."




 New Classes Begin Every Week.
All courses are free to members.  


L243 Kate Chopin Short Stories (Oct 02)
B101 WVU Orientation (Oct 03)
B308 The Middle Part Three: Transitions (Oct 03)
MFA164 Flash Fiction - A Short Short Theory (Rt Olen Butler) (Oct 04)
B101 WVU Orientation (Oct 10)
MFA220 Editing and Polishing (Oct 11)
MFA253 What Protagonists Want (Oct 11)
N142 Journal-Keeping (Oct 17)
B101 WVU Orientation (Oct 17)
MFA165 Flash Fiction - Getting the Lead Out (Oct 18)
MFA04 The Classically Modern Essay (Oct 18)
B101 WVU Orientation (Oct 24)
F162 Character Driven Plots - The Big 5 (Oct 24)
B103 Grammar (Oct 24)
MFA 231 Art & Artifice (Oct 25)
MFA254 Protagonist Inner Issues (Oct 25)
B101 WVU Orientation (Oct 31)
B304 Adjectives and Adverbs - The Pros and Cons (Oct 31)