1S robynRobyn

Robyn has an MA in linguistics and has been homeschooling for nine years.

She tried to build a foundation for herself by taking a few literature MOOCs, reading a lot, and reading books on craft. “I started feeling like I was kind of stuck after a while. Everywhere I looked I kept seeing the same advice to read Lamott, Goldberg and a few Writer's Digest books. I was frustrated with trying to find the next step to improve my writing.”

Then she found WVU. “I have learned so much since joining, from courses, yes, and also from all the great writers here. My to-read list of books on writing craft has improved in both length and quality, and all the feedback given and received has helped me wrap my head around things that were eluding me. I have had a few poems and stories published here and there in little magazines and webzines, and I look forward to writing more.”