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whiterabbit7844 has been seriously writing with the aim of being a published author since 2002. It wasn't until ten years later that he managed to find a NY agent he "clicked" with. During the intervening time, he wrote a lot. He used to track his word counts and, two years running, he hit over a million. So, when his agent asked to see his work, he sent her sixteen finished novels. It took her another two years to sell one. DREAM WITH LITTLE ANGELS remains his most successful book to date.

 Currently, he has over ten books published, some traditionally through Kensington Publishing, NY, some self-published under his own imprint DangerBoy Books.

Right now, his agent is shopping two manuscripts and he is about to dive into the fifth Alvin book for his series with Kensington.

Throughout his writing career, whiterabbit has studied his craft not only through writing books but also through retreats, seminars, and workshops.

Website: http://www.michaelhiebert.com/

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