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Karen was introduced to Writer’s Village University through the F2k six-week course. Three years later she found herself deeply involved with WVU, moderating and facilitating classes and courses and working toward her 3-year MFA.

Other than a few poems and short stories that she wrote for school newspapers, Karen has not had anything published…yet. The novel she began in Nano 2014 is her current project, and she says she has a newfound love for literary writing and am basking in the knowledge of those more experienced in that area.  Karen has found she enjoys working with others almost as much as writing. In her words:  “There is no greater pleasure than seeing the progress of a writer once they come into their own and it is a constant reminder of how much I have learned--and still have to learn--in these halls.”

As a WVU Adviser she is here to help guide new members, assist them with class choices and scheduling, and offer a huge shoulder to cry on, a helping hand when they’re down and a smile to help brighten their day. As Staff advisor Karen is always searching for new moderators and facilitators, so if you find you have some extra time to volunteer, let her know!