When Linda retired from school counseling, she took a trip to Europe. There she sat on Hadrian’s Wall in the north of England. While in Rome, Emperor Hadrian’s name came up at the Pantheon. Linda stood in the very center of the Pantheon and placed her hand on the marble columns outside. 

When she returned home to Alabama, Emperor Hadrian was in her head and dreams. Linda says she had not had previous experience with a muse. “He took over the English romance novel I was drafting.  He moved the setting to Rome and made the novel his own. Writing and self e-publishing three books has brought me great pleasure.”

Linda credits her success to the courses and her friends at Writers Village University. She has completed the F2K class four times, served as intern in F2K, group facilitator, and all around student. Now enrolled in WVU’s MFA program she continues to learn about writing historical romance and flash autobiographical fiction. In Linda’s own words: “The feedback I’ve received from both beginners and advanced members continues to help me improve my writing and thinking processes. I’d be lost without WVU.”

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